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Susie Callahan

Licensed Clinical Counselor 

Learn to live in the present moment and bring vitality to your existence by living in accordance with your values. 

As humans, we've gotten into the habit of believing whatever pops into our minds and accepting it as truth when, in fact, many of our thoughts are not necessarily true, not necessarily important, and not necessarily a dependable guide for our actions. Attaching to these thoughts can cause distress in our lives and can lead to anxiety, depression, and other problems. In turn, we often act on these thoughts and feelings which may not always produce the life we value and desire.

In therapy, we will investigate these troublesome thoughts and learn how to diffuse the unhelpful ones. We learn to accept and tolerate certain feelings in a mindful way without judgment. This in turn brings us peace to extend through all areas of our lives.

Life can be complicated, it takes courage to sort it out.


Susie Callahan

Susie Callahan is a Licensed Clinical Counselor and a graduate of the Citadel's Clinical Counseling Program. She completed her internship at The College of Charleston's Counseling and Substance Abuse Center, where she assisted college students with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, relationship issues, substance abuse, and transitional issues.

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Areas of Specialty


The relationships we have with our friends, family, and loved one are a vital part of our very existence. 



to Change

Life is filled with ebbs and flows that requires us to reflect on how we react to change.


By living in the present and practicing mindfulness, we can live a most fulfilled and satisfied existence.


Life is not lived without trauma and loss. We live more fully when we are able to acknowledge life's inevitable challenges.

What to Expect

Getting Started:

The process of counseling is very specific, although the methods and style of interaction with each person varies greatly depending on the individual. The ultimate goal is for us to work together in a collaborative way which tailors your therapy to your needs, lifestyle, and personality.

Working Together:

When you come in for your first session, I will lead you through a structured but comfortable interview that allows us to get to know each other and understand the issues that brought you to therapy. We'll discuss important past events, your life circumstances, your family, your strengths, and how you experience important relationships.

Your Experience:

The number of sessions required for each person varies depending on the intensity and duration of issues and symptoms. Many people begin to feel a sense of relief after the first session just knowing that they have chosen to make themselves a priority.

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